Speech Delay

By three years of age, most children

can be understood by others 75% of

the time.

Language Difficulties

Is your child having trouble understanding

what is being said to them?

Are they struggling to put words

together to express themselves?


Is often normal in early childhood.

When should you be concerned?


Awareness & Literacy

Helps children to “crack the code”


Speech pathology helps children to

engage with the people around them

and find their voice.

NDIS service provider

Soon more children with developmental

delay will be able to access government


Coastal Kids Speech Pathology Townsville offer evidence-based speech and language therapy services for children and their families in the Townsville region.


Speech Pathology services offered include assessment and therapy for:


Speech delay is when a child’s speech is difficult to understand because there are errors in the sounds they are using in their words, for example they might say “I dee a dat” instead of “I see a cat”.

Stuttering (also called stammering) is the involuntary repetition of sounds, syllables and words, often at the beginning of sentences. Stuttering often develops between the ages of ….


Language delay is when a child’s ability to understand language or use spoken language is behind the expected level for their age. This umbrella term is very broad, and includes…


Phonological awareness is the ability to perceive and manipulate sounds in words. It includes breaking words into syllables, understanding and using rhyme, and being able to isolate sounds in words (c-a-t for cat) or…

Autism is a life-long condition that affects the way that people interact with others around them. The main characteristics of Autism are difficulties with communication and social skills, and restricted, repetitive patterns of …

Coastal Kids Speech Pathology combine convenience with high quality, evidence-based practise. Coastal Kids offer sessions across multiple locations in Townsville, so there is a clinic close to your home or school.

Early intervention yields the best results!

“Fun, evidence-based speech therapy for kids”


We offer assessment and treatment for a range of communication difficulties, such as:

  • Late talkers
  • Speech that is hard to understand
  • Difficulties following instructions
  • Stuttering
  • Difficulties with reading and spelling
  • Autism and developmental delay


Established in 2010, we are located in Martinez Ave in West End.

We are registered with Medicare and private health funds, as well as recognised providers for Helping Children with Autism and Betterstart initiatives.