Why Us?

Evidence-based Practise

Coastal Kids Speech Pathology combine convenience with high quality, evidence-based practise. Coastal Kids offer sessions in a convenient location in Townsville, so there is a clinic close to your home or school. Evidence-based practise means that the programs, tools and strategies that we use have all been drawn from clinical studies that show their effectiveness.



All speech pathologists at Coastal Kids are members of Speech Pathology Australia and are required to continually update their knowledge and skills as a requirement of this membership. They are also bound by Speech Pathology Australia’s Code of Ethics – so no sales pitches, no testimonials, just a clear explanation of what the research tells us in terms of selecting the appropriate treatment, treatment intensity, and long-term prognosis for your child.


Family Friendly Clinic

Family is important to us at Coastal Kids. Thats why we take all of the families’ circumstances into account when planning treatment. At all times the family is in control of the frequency of visits and the course of treatment.